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Ambulance Ride

Full service - much more than a normal cab ride

Medical transport by cab is the transport of patients who can be driven in a seated position and who do not require medical care/treatment during the journey. We are contractual partners of the health insurance companies and settle directly with the insurance companies.

We are partners of all health insurance companies and settle medical transports directly with your health insurance company. If you have a transport voucher, you don't have to worry about anything else and can enjoy the full benefits of our transport service. Benefit from our close cooperation with clinics and specialized practices in the region as well as national health centers.

Customer friendliness and supportive assistance do not end with us at the end of the journey. Upon request, our drivers will take you to the patient admission or directly to the respective ward during inpatient hospital stays. For passengers in wheelchairs, we have a specially converted vehicle that allows the transport of several wheelchairs. An elevator provides passengers with a comfortable entrance and exit.

Feel free to contact us, we will inform you in detail about your options.

An excerpt of our services around transports for the sick

Carrying chair transport (with rolling carrying chair)
  • Directly from the home to the vehicle.
  • The driver will of course assist you in transferring to the carrying chair.
  • Thanks to the stair lift on the carrying chair, the passenger can sit comfortably and even staircases are no longer a problem.
Wheelchair transport
  • If the passenger has his or her own wheelchair, there is no need to transfer. The passenger is lifted into the vehicle via a ramp/elevator and then securely fixed in place together with the wheelchair.
  • If desired, we will be happy to bring a wheelchair and the driver will assist in transferring it.
Dialysis trips
  • The daily/weekly transfer to the therapy center is organized in coordination with the dialysis center and the passenger.
Journeys to the oncology therapy
  • We accompany the passenger through all phases of therapy and cooperate closely with clinics, practices and health centers.
  • The passenger is driven to the radiation treatment after the therapy in the oncology center according to the therapy plan.
  • We accompany the passenger to the therapy center and back.

Why Taxi Bastone is a good choice for medical transport

Did you know that six out of ten medical trips are made by cab instead of ambulance? In these cases, patients do not need a medically equipped ambulance or paramedic to get to the doctor or hospital. This applies, for example, to people who need to make regular appointments for dialysis or radiation therapy.

People in need of care may also order a cab if they need to be driven to outpatient treatment. The prerequisite for this is classification in care degrees four and five or care degree three in the case of limited mobility. We offer these medical trips at reduced rates.

It goes without saying that we take great care of our passengers, picking them up from their homes and bringing them back. This is part of our service - even when it is not reimbursed by the health insurance companies.