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London Taxi

Our e-taxis from Great Britain

We have expanded our vehicle fleet with London Taxis. These are pure electric vehicles, so called electric London Taxis.

Our latest generation e-taxis are one of the few cars which were built from the ground up as cabs. We can drive with it up to 125 km purely electrically and recharge at a fast charger within 30min to 80%. Due to the integrated generator (range extender) we even get a total range of 510 km, which makes the cabs ideal for longer distances.

The comfortable cab with strong equipment

Our guests are always impressed by the combination of voluminous passenger compartment, comfort and technical equipment.

In general, great emphasis has been placed on passenger safety. The e-taxis have the latest assistance systems installed and are corona-compliant: Professional surface disinfectant is on hand, Plexiglas windows separate the driver's compartment from the passenger area, and we also regularly disinfect the ventilation system.

Ask for our e-taxis on your next cab ride to experience our e-taxis live.